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JuicyBoard is the base of a modular platform that makes it easy and efficient to build your own robotics application, whether you're building a 3D printer, CNC, router or any other application that requires controlling motors. Our idea is simple, unlike most of control boards we've seen JuicyBoard is not pre-populated with any drivers, switches or other functional features, instead it only includes components for common core functions (i.e. Microcontroller, USB port, SD card ... etc) while you can populate necessary feature modules for your application. There two models of the base board, R1000A includes 15 features slots and is sized at 175mm x 65.5mm. R1000A-10 is a more compact model that houses 10 feature slots and is 125mm x 65.5mm.


JuicyBoard models include a set of necessary features for high power robotics applications. It needs to be powered by a single supply with a range of 9V to 24V and consumes a maximum current of 27A , it includes high efficiency switching power supplies for 5V and 3.3V low voltage logic rails. JuicyBoard includes onboard monitors (voltage/current/power/temperature) that allow detailed tracking and diagnostics of any unexpected behavior. It also includes a hot swap controller that acts like an electronic fuse and shuts off the power in any case of over-voltage or over-current draw to protect the system. A 5V full-size USB-type A connector is added to power an external computer (such as a Raspberry Pi) with a capability to source 2.1A. External mechanical kill switches can be connected for emergency shutdown.

Configuration for a Triple Head 3D Printer

Open Source Hardware

We love open source, we believe that our designs can only get better by harnessing the power of the community to continuously evolve. All hardware design files of Juicyboard and its modules are released under are released under GNU GPL v3. JuicyBoard and all its modules were designed with KiCAD, an awesome powerful open source PCB design suite. All files can be found on GitHub. Documentation can be found here.


JuicyBoard runs JuicyWare which is a fork of SmoothieWare maintained by us and includes necessary code to run JuicyBoard's extra functionalities.JuicyWare is open source and is released under the same license terms as SmoothieWare (GNU GPL v3). JuicyWare runs the same powerful 120MHz ARM Cortex M3 processor (NXP's LPC1769FBD100,551). Similar to SmoothieWare all you have to do to run all features is map the pins of every module to the corresponding microcontroller port, configure JuicyWare using the same config file and you're good to go.

Available Modules

Here's a list of available feature modules, more will come in the future.

R1001: 2A Stepper Motor Driver

This is a NEMA stepper motor driver based on TI's DRV8825 chip, It's a high-performance stepper driver capable of micro-stepping at 1/32 resolution. Current can be digitally set for every driver at 10mA increments. Every R1001 includes temperature monitor that helps detect overheating.

R1002A: Quad 1A DC Low Side NFET Control Switches

This module can control 4 small functions (i.e fans, LED's) that consume less than 1A and runs at the high input voltage.

R1007: Quad 20A DC Low Side NFET Control Switches

This module can drive 4 heaters with strong 100 Amperes PSMN1R2-30YLC,115 NFETs from NXP, allowing steady and cool driving of 300+ Watts head beds. R1007 must be powered through its own auxiliary supply input and it is optically isolated from the base R1000A or R1000A-10 board (meaning, it can have its own separate power and ground up to 24V apart).


Upgrade or Expand

The modular nature of the JuicyBoard platform allows for easy future upgrades such as a stronger motor driver. This can be done easily by swapping modules without the need for a major board redesign.

Isolate Failures

In case any of the modules fail for any reason you can swap it with a new one, avoid PCB rework or even buying a new controller board.

Cost Effective

Balance between customizing your applicationĀ and cost. Only install the features that you need, no more no less!

Sherif Eid
I love to design and make cool gadgets, I previously made the WiFi controlled smart plug.