Introducing plugg.ee
plugg.ee is a smart power outlet that connects directly to the internet thru home wifi and can be controlled using a smart phone from anywhere you’re online. It enables remote powering of appliances and it measures how much electricity is consumed. It’s easy to setup, just plug it in, use the smartphone app (iPhone/Android) to connect it online and you’re ready.
plugg.ee learns!
plugg.ee is not just about remote controlling and monitoring, it integrates in your daily life by continuously learning the routine of how the appliance is used. It can identify instances where electricity consumption is out of the normal pattern, examples are:

- the stove is left on for more than usual
- the refrigerator door is not closed properly

plugg.ee will then send a notification, or it can be setup to automatically turn off the power




We have carefully designed everything to fit so many features into a compact sleek form, our first plugg.ee comes in a black case. More colors will be available in the future.

Open Source Automation

We know that there can be many other creative ways to use plugg.ee, that’s why we based our design on Spark, the open source software and cloud platform that is easy to program over the internet.
plugg.ee is designed for use at any skill level, it can be integrated with an existing system using Spark’s REST cloud API or it can even be controlled using Arduino compatible code. Connecting through the Spark cloud allows seamless interoperability with other internet connected devices.

Technical Specifications


  • STM32F103 microcontroller
  • ARM Cortex M3
  • 32-bit 72Mhz processor
  • 128KB Flash, 20KB RAM


  • 802.11b/g
  • Range of 100-300 feet

  • NEMA 110V AC Outlets
  • 15A MAX Current
  • 100,000 Switching Endurance


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