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JuicyBoard is the base board of a modular systems that makes it easy and efficient to build your own robotics application, whether you're building your own 3D printer, CNC, router or any other other application that requires controlling motors.

Our idea is simple, unlike most of control boards we've seen, JuicyBoard is not pre-populated with any drivers or heaters. Instead it only includes the necessary components for common core functions (i.e. Microcontroller, USB port, SD card ... etc) while housing 13 expansion slots aligned in a matrix geometry that allows adding features as needed.


We love SmoothieWare and SmoothieBoard, we believe in the power of the open source community to progressively build and accumulate knowledge, that's why JuicyBoard Base is built from the bottoms up to be 100% compatible with SmoothieWare. It features the same powerful NXP LPC1769FBD100,551 microcontroller used in SmoothieBoard. For operating features all you have to do is map the pins of every module to the corresponding microcontroller port, configure SmoothieWare firmware using the same config file and you're good to go.

Available Modules

Here's a list of available feature modules, more will come in the future.

JuicyDriver Board

This is a NEMA stepper motor driver based on Allegro Microsystem's A4982 chip. It includes its own VREF for individually adjusting motor current, or the option of soldering 2 resistors for a fixed value.

BigHeater Board

This module can drive 4 heaters with strong 78 Amperes IRLB8748PBF NFETs from Infineon Technologies. Every channel can be individually populated with up to 3 transistors in parallel, allowing steady and cool driving of 300+ Watts head beds.


Upgrade or Expand

The modular nature of the JuicyBoard platform allows for easy future upgrades such as a stronger motor driver. This can be done easily by swapping modules without the need for a major board redesign.

Isolate Failures

In case any of the modules fail for any reason you can swap it with a new one, avoid PCB rework or even buying a new controller board.

Cost Effective

Balance between customizing your applicationĀ and cost. Only install the features that you need, no more no less!

Come meet us in MakerFaire Bay Area 2016 and see JuicyBoard in action

We're going to be in Zone 2

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Sherif Eid
I love to design and make cool gadgets, I previously made the WiFi controlled smart plug.